Whether the abolition of duties on imported steel rental will take place?

Participants in the association of automakers of the Russian Federation are outraged by the introduced additional financial fees. Such, in their opinion, embezzlement actions forced members of the association to file a pressing request to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, so that the department considers the bill on the abolition of monetary fees for some types of imported rental.

Some materials of domestic production are still far in terms of quality to foreign products of metal industry. For example, car manufacturers are neglected with a galvanized rental produced by Russian manufacturers.

As you know, the association of Russia’s automakers includes such the largest auto giants as KAMAZ and AvtoVAZ, ZIL and GAZ GARINE, SOLLERS, Volvo, General Motors. The membership also accepted the united automobile group that supports the indignation of its “associates” in low quality of domestic steel. It is not compliance with the quality, forces automakers systematically import in significant amounts of foreign steel. At the same time, companies are subject to additional expenses in the form of duties.

It was this critical situation that forced the participants of the association to put forward a petition towards the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the abolition of import duties.

The ministry promised to consider the request in early February.

If the ministry solves the problem in a positive direction, then the auto companies will be able to save huge cash. For example, AvtoVAZ can find a new application of 1.8 million dollars saved. And foreign car manufacturers operating in Russia will be able to send about 18 million dollars in another direction of production. In accordance with the forecast, the saved amount will be $ 35 million if 2.6 million cars are produced every year.