The ban on alcohol has expanded the power – the main news of the world of Russia.

In Moscow, the sale of alcohol is prohibited at night. This was reported by the main news of the world. The Moscow city government decided to expand the recent ban on the sale of alcohol at night. Starting from September 1, the sale of alcohol in retail from 22:00 to 10:00 will be prohibited.

Earlier, the Moscow authorities reported that the dry law will act in Moscow from nine o’clock until eleven in the morning. However, the metropolitan government decided to amend.

Now the Moscow government decided to expand the ban on the form of a temporary addition in the total amount by two hours. Since 2006, a restriction on retail sales of alcohol has been working in the Russian capital. The main news of the world then reported: “The authorities decided to ban the sale of alcohol from 23:00 to 8:00 ″.

However, the ban frame does not concern restaurants and cafes, the city hall added. Such institutions can sell strong alcohol in accordance with the usual regime.

Last year, in early September, the President of the Russian Federation created the main news of the world, the fact that it is necessary to limit the availability of alcoholic beverages. In mid -June of this year, the power of Moscow only prepared the bill, provide for restrictions on alcohol sales.