Life in the subway: In the metro of London will equip apartments, shops and entertainment institutions

The leadership of the British capital decided to realize an interesting project, according to which fifty stations of the city metro (mainly in the central part of London) will be equipped with mini-hotels and apartments, as well as restaurants, shopping complexes and even courier delivery points from online stores.

For this purpose, at least 1 million “squares” is allocated. This space today has no practical application, while the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, believes that re -equipment of the area will attract additional funds to the city budget. Thanks to this, the authorities hope, it will be possible to raise the question of reducing the price of the fare in the subway.

1 billion pounds is planned to be invested in the reconstruction of stops of metro and buses, as well as the main building of the Department of Capital Transport. We clarify that the ownership of TFL includes about 2300 hectares, of which 50 urban transport stations, as well as the plots located next to them, will be partially transferred to investors.

The other day, tender documentation was approved, the competition for the definition of contractors is planned to be held soon. In just the next 10 years, TFL hopes to help out about $ 5 billion.

The initiative is already at the active stage of implementation. Thus, individual stations of the London metro were transferred to farmers, others were transformed into shopping centers, and a pizzeria was equipped on one.

We add that London’s transport has sold all its objects that are not subject to operation. Meanwhile, the department still continues to need new means, because the population of the British capital is constantly growing. After 15 years, according to forecasts, the number of residents of London will reach 10 million people.