Soviet officers are outraged by the US attitude to Cuba

Soviet officers who defeated fascism, internationalist warriors and their descendants are outraged by the fact that the State Department of the United States of America included the island of Liberties among the countries that support terrorist activities. A similar attitude to Cuba from a powerful neighbor began in January 1959. Then, after the victorious revolution, the republic refused to obey the directives of the leadership of the United States of America, who tried to intervene in the domestic and foreign policy of the island. For half a century, the courageous and freedom -loving Cuban people have suppressed attempts to eliminate Fidel Castro, is subjected to a psychological war, diplomatic isolation, economic blockade and armed aggression. The State Department of the United States of America uses double standards, accusing Cuba of supporting the terrorist movement, at the same time covering from the fair punishment of international criminals Orlando Bosch and Luis Posad Curry Forest, who are guilty of the deaths of 73 people. Crimes committed by them have no statute of limitations. In total, over 3 thousand citizens of Cuba became the victims of the American terror for half a century of struggle. Americans are preparing terrorists at the Military base of Guantanamo, which many call the Auschwitz of the 21st century. In a prison located on the basis, without trial and investigation, not only kill fighters for the independence and freedom of their peoples, but also prepare terrorists for attacks on the island of Freedom. The policy of the United States of America regarding Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iran is nothing more than international terrorism. Soviet officers demanded that the US authorities remove the economic blockade from the island, stop slander to Cuba and sponsoring international terrorism, close the prison in Guantanamo.