The significance of adequate self -esteem

What others see us and what we actually are radically different. Not all people are able to adequately evaluate themselves, but the correct self -esteem plays a big role in life, it helps not only to achieve success, but also to feel comfortable in any situation – in love, in the game, in work. Very often psychologists are faced with a problem as low self -esteem. Many people do not believe in their own strengths, do not love themselves enough. Outwardly low self-esteem can manifest itself in different ways, it is not necessarily a complex of “gray mouse”, often uncertain people demonstrate the exact opposite behavior-they strive to stand out in every possible way, constantly be in sight. All this comes from uncertainty and dissatisfaction with oneself. Uncertain people are very dependent on the opinions of others, they cannot independently make a single decision, they need advice and approval in everything. But this is a big mistake, such behavior prevents living a full life, raising your self -esteem. Surrounding people do not always want goodness to you, you always need to observe some caution in relationships, you can never blindly listen and believe others. His parents play a large role in the formation of the personality of the child, if in childhood the child was often reproached, shouted, pulled, said that he does everything wrong, then such a style of education puts his mark on the character of a person, later such a child will always look back at the opinion of his parents, not quite correctly evaluate their actions. A person must trust himself and then his life will improve. There are also situations when a person is successful, but he suddenly also begins to fall self -esteem, the reason for this may be dismissal from a good job, a betrayal of his spouse, a series of personal failures. You can not choose inaction and lie on the bottom, problems do not solve by themselves, over time they grow like a snowy one. A person should fight, set himself positively, charge with positive energy. A woman should always take care of herself, regularly visit the salons of beauty, hairdresser, experiment with appearance and never need to compare yourself with others, because you are individuality, focus on what you are satisfied with – husband, children, career.