New Maidan ripens: columns of dissatisfied will go from Lviv and Lugansk to Kyiv

On March 21, a motorcade from Lviv is sent to Kyiv from representatives of entrepreneurial and educational and educational environments, who thus want to express protest of the actions of the authorities, repressions against entrepreneurs, and violation of constitutional rights.

On March 15, during a press conference in Lviv, a member of the Coordinating Council of the Assembly of Public Organizations of Small and Medium Business Igor Gurnyak reported. On the same day, a similar column will leave Lugansk. The road in both columns will join protesters from other cities, rallies will be held in the district and regional centers.

Both columns will unite on March 25 on Sofievskaya Square in Kyiv, where a large -scale rally will be held. “This is not just the geographical unity of Ukraine, this is the unity of various spheres of Ukrainian society to defend constitutional rights,” says Igor Gurnyak. Protesters demand: 1. Preservation of a simplified taxation system. From April 1, “Simplifiers” actually lose the opportunity to work, because the Tax Code does not allow them to work with legal entities. 2. Refinement of the Tax Code and transferring its implementation to 01.01.2012. However, the ultimate goal, says Gurnyak, is the overthrow of the current Ukrainian government. In Lviv, the action will begin a rally at the square near the OKKO refueling on ul. Pasechnaya, from there the column of cars will move to the city center, and the column of trucks – with the surroundings to the Galician intersection. There both clones will unite and move to Kyiv. It is planned that 15-20 cars will go to the capital.