Social Service “Invataxi”

We are in a hurry somewhere, forgetting about everything in the world, we solve the problem on the move, in the thick of everyday matters without noticing what is happening around us. We do not notice people. But think about how many among us are those who need attention, care, care… After all, we exist safely because we are healthy, because we have hands, legs, to go to work every day, have fun, start a family, etc. D.However, there are those who are deprived of such an opportunity. In view of poor health, they cannot not work, but also move on their own, go out into the street. We are talking about people with disabilities. As a rule, they do not ask for help, compassion, do not complain, adapt to existing circumstances. Our goal is to somehow make their life easier. Not only compassion for them, but also provide real assistance. In Moscow, the first steps have already been adopted. Probably not many people know, but for some time in the capital there is successfully existing a service of assistance to disabled people – social taxi “invataxi”. The cars at their disposal are equipped with a platform for loading wheelchairs. By calling a taxi, you can transfer the sick person to the hospital, to the airport, and also take it on excursions in Moscow and the Moscow Region, in holy places in Russia. Also, the Invataxi service carries out charitable transportation of low -income disabled people. Alas, at the moment, not only the work of the driver is included in the cost of the trip, but also the costs of repair and maintenance of cars. To reduce cost, the service is looking for support from citizens. Only if everyone is contributing (not necessarily financially), the service will be available to all those in need.