Western Union canceled cube cubes tax

The Cuban authorities received permission to take all the dollar transfers received from the continent, and give citizens to issue the equivalent of the transferred amount in the national monetary unit – Peso. According to the media reports, the Department of Control of Foreign Assets of the Ministry of Finance of the United States of America issued Western Union to the liquidation of money transfers from the continent to Cuba. Fortunately for both parties, the money transfer service agreed with the Cuban government in advance. This innovation began to operate since last Monday. Previously, for the transfer of American dollars from the United States to Cuba and for their exchange for Cuban peso, I had to pay a 10 percent tax. Moreover, the inhabitants of the island of Freedom had to do this, who have every sand in the account. The media reported that over the past week the amount of money transfers has increased sharply. Western Union management is already calculating the profit from the innovation. Until December 20, the tax on the transfer of dollars from the United States to Cuba was transferred to the Cuban government. In the form of tax revenues, it received over $ 100 million. Now the Cuban authorities will take all the dollars sent to the island of Freedom. Addressers will receive a monetary equivalent in the sand. According to Western Union employee, the first days of Cubans were outraged by the fact that they were not given dollars. However, having found out that they would not have to pay a 10 percent tax, the Cubans were delighted and calmed down. According to Western Union Vice President Victoria Lopez Negret, the innovation will be a significant step that will significantly help the inhabitants of Cuba. From now on they do not have to lose money when receiving a transfer.