New categories of rights will introduce in Russia

The Ministry of Internal Affairs made a proposal to change the number of categories of rights. Now, instead of the usual 9 categories allowing to control motorcycles (a), cars (c), trucks (C), and buses (D), as well as appropriate TK with trailers, intermediate subcateurories will also be introduced. Representatives of the ministry explain this decision by the fact that the early classification does not fully meet the requirements. For example, category “A” gives the right to drive motorcycles, but a motorcycle motorcycle is different. Some of them in their characteristics may well go down for a passenger car. The same situation in relation to a truck and buses.

Now, for categories, the subcategories “A1” will also be introduced (for motorcycles with V≤125 cm3 and up to 15 liters. With.), “C1” (trucks weighing up to 7.5 tons), “D1” (buses, with a capacity of up to 16 people.). Category “B” succumbed to a little other changes. If earlier, when passing exams in driving schools, cars with a mechanical gearbox were used, now students will be able to choose between “mechanics” and “automatic”. In this case, the appropriate mark will be. But the driver who has passed the car driving exams with an automatic transmission will not be able to control the “mechanics”. To do this, you will have to hand over again. It became just as purposefully important how to think through the landscape design of a summer cottage before the smallest details.

Another innovation will be the category “M” designed to drive mopeds. Mopeds can be driven from the age of 16, the remaining categories open from 18. And only the bus driver (category “D”) can become after 21 years.

Also, in accordance with the new rules, it is forbidden to take exams without going through training in a driving school.