How to exchange cryptocurrency through an ATM in California

ATMs, through which you can buy cryptocurrency, are increasingly spreading in the United States.

If during the last five months of last year there were about 10 thousand ATMs with bitcoins, then in January their number increased sharply (there were already more than 28 thousand).

The operators of CoinFlip and Coin Cloud have combed through all the places where competitors have not yet captured a place, and installed their equipment there.

A large number of shops and gas stations and are equipped with brightly lit ATM ATMs with bitcoins.

Customers have the opportunity to buy or sell digital currency at any time, as well as in some cases to exchange it for cash.

People prefer ATMs to online transactions for various reasons: some receive cash, others do not have bank accounts, someone else sends money transfers abroad, and some simply prefer anonymity.

If some machines offer only bitcoins, then through others customers can invest in other cryptocurrencies.

There are also ATMs that can give out cash in exchange for cryptocurrency, but it should be understood that such operations are much more expensive than on exchangers on the Internet.

Statesmen are concerned about the issue of possible fraud and illegal activities, but so far their concerns do not affect the growth of the ATM market with cryptocurrency. It already reaches 45%.

According to the Coin ATM Radar online map, it can be seen that only three places in the United States are not covered by ATMs with Bitcoin – these are Alaska, Washington and the District of Columbia. The rest of the states already have them.