Over the years of preparation, Lviv built 88 km of roads with Euro 2012

Preparations for the Eurocepionate for Lviv became the personification of cardinal infrastructure changes and an important step in the development of the city, said. Ambush – director of the local department for preparation for Euro 2012.

According to him, a lot of city highways, 30 objects with a coverage area of ​​500 thousand have been reconstructed recently. m2, this is in 70 r. more than the area of ​​the Lviv stadium. Last year it was planned to carry out a overhaul of 56 km of roads, 130 million were allocated for the reconstruction. UAH, and the work was performed at 223 million. UAH. The streets of Pasechnaya, Gorodetskaya, Lychakovskaya, Konovalets, Milnik, Freedom, Chernivol and some small streets have already been repaired. For reference: for the previous four years, 60 km was repaired.

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“This year in Lviv, the concept of traffic organization has been developed, which provides for a short way between the tournament places in the city: airport center-Stadion, the routes of the movement of representatives of UEFA and football players to the stadium. The repair of the building will be almost completed, in which the movement control center will be located. By the spring of this year, 40 traffic lights will be connected along the routes of the Eurocepionate, with a further extension of up to 98 pcs.”, – said about. Small.

Within the framework of the project to create the tourist and information infrastructure of Lviv in the historical center of the city and at the entrances, more than a thousand information signs in 2 languages ​​with the names of streets and travel objects will be installed at the entrances. The concept provides for the installation of signs for pedestrians, cars and buses.