Traveling on Ukrainian castles: Eni-Kale Fortress

Eni -Kale fortress was built by the Turks in 1703 in the narrowest place of the strait – east of Gered Kerch towards the crossing. On the third tier of the fortress there are turrets in the Turkish style.

The active struggle of Russia at the end of the seventeenth century for reaching the Black Sea, controlled at that time by the Ottoman Empire, prompted the Turks to start the construction of new fortifications on the west coast of the Kerch Strait in 1701. The strategically profitable location of the fortress created a reliable barrier to exit the Russian fleet from the Sea of ​​Azov to the Black Sea for almost seventy years. The bastion fortification, built under the leadership of French fortifiers, occupied a significant territory. According to the planning configuration, it was approaching the wrong pentagon. The strengthening consisted of five bastions (two of which were located from the strait), defensive walls and three entrance gates: the Azov from the east, Arabatsky from the north and Kerch from the west. On three sides, the fortress was surrounded by a deep moat. The courtyard of the fortification was built up by numerous structures for placing a garrison, which totaled about two thousand soldiers.

Only in the summer of 1771, as a result of heroic hostilities, the Russian army led by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky won the Turks. The keys to the Eni-Kale fortress left by the Turkish garrison were transferred to Russian General Borzov.

The ruins of the fortress have survived to this day, which confirm the high level of fortification art of the eighteenth century.