“There should be one parking lot for one family”

Every day in Nizhny Novgorod increases the number of cars. How the city is going to increase the number of parking spaces for road transport, says Vladimir Kolchin, deputy head of the Nizhny Novgorod administration.

– What is the situation with garage construction in the regional center?- Just disgusting. The welfare of people is growing and accordingly the number of vehicles increases. Today in almost every Nizhny Novgorod family there is a car. The standard begs by itself – there should be one parking lot for one family. If you take any already built house, then all the standards are violated there. Therefore, as a rule, the whole yard is clogged with cars. In the courtyards, there is no fire car or “ambulance”. Hence the number one problem today in the city – roads and places of storage of citizens’ cars.

– The situation is also complicated by the fact that automobile parking is also clogged to the eyeballs …- Absolutely true. The construction of parking, according to the standards, provides for large sanitary zones around. For today, free areas for placing open parking in the city are not actually. Therefore, we received another problem – illegal entrepreneurship in the form of unauthorized sites. Today we cannot officially allow the parking for the reasons that I have already said. Therefore, people begin to organize spontaneous parking lots, collecting money from customers and not paying anyone. Our law enforcement agencies do not always cope with such amateur performances.

– How the city administration is going to leave this difficult situation?- At the beginning of the year, we submitted a document under the name of the Duma of Nizhny Novgorod called “A comprehensive scheme for the development and placement of garages and parking of vehicles in Nizhny Novgorod”. In the appendix to this document, we approved the standards of urban planning and placing garages and parking of vehicles in the city. This is a fairly serious document. For example, in the old Canavino approved the planning project and the place of disclocation of multi -tiered parking lots. I emphasize, not boxing, but multi -tiered parking. I hope that the very phrase “boxing garage” is forever deleted from plans for urban planning.