By mutual correspondence

You have to lie, dodge or ignore humanism.

At the same time, I am still inconspicuous. In addition, I do not hold any posts. And yet. Nevertheless, five times a week, absolutely unfamiliar people, people wish me in writing an ambulance, but painful death. They report everything that they think about me, an animal worthless and Tolstoy, about my texts, about my views and even about my friends.

They just don’t write anything about cats, although my cats are just worthless thick animals.

Yes, so what is I what? Reports “Ribbon. ru “, as if composed deputies (here is the restless people) a new bill. And according to the current bill, any citizen will now be able to send any official an email to any official. And any official will have to answer the letter within thirty days.

And if it does not answer, they will be fined ten thousand rubles.

Let’s get back to my bitter experience. Few people know me. They do not show about me every day of revealing gears through all channels. They do not inform viewers that I stole everything, and for the stolen money I built a shed of three floors from red brick and with a monstrous interior. Do not call me the main misfortune of the Fatherland. They do not suit a talk show with experts discussing how to punish me as well as.

And all this does not prevent unknown well -wishers from regularly reporting me the whole truth. To me. As if I don’t know her without them.

But with officials, all this is just arranged. The Internet is overflowing about them with hatred. And to everything, in plus, citizens will be given the opportunity to write to officials personally.

I imagine that citizens will write there there. And for the first time in my life, I may have something like compassion for officials. Hold on, guys. Still, the Internet is evil.