Interest in the replicas of the respondent

During the interview, general rules and hints exist, following which the interviewer will be able to earn the confidence of the respondent, placing him to himself and to the conversation. “Adjustment” to the behavioral markers of the respondent bring the most promising results. Over time and practice, adjustment is produced at the level of automatism. Then the interviewer does not even think that it is necessary to catch the characteristic nuances of behavior and mirror them. This happens automatically, which looks more natural than in cases where you have to put efforts, distracting from extraneous movements. In addition to “adjustment”, you need to show interest in what the respondent says using non -verbal means, such as heading head, a special approving tilt of the head, an interested look. But do not think that you can deceive the respondent, imitating interest in machine movements. People feel falsity acutely when it comes to their sphere of life. You need to show interest truly, delving into what the respondent tells you. The respondent, seeing that he is paying due attention and respect, easily makes contact, gives detailed answers, helps the interviewer in every possible way, gives open information, does not keep silent and does not hide the facts.