Obama: The use of chemical weapons in Syria is unsafe for other countries

An aggravation of a difficult situation in Syria began on August 21 – data on the use of chemical weapons with Syrian government forces appeared in a number of media outlets. In the world. Today, at a meeting with members of the Congress, US President Obama said that the use of chemical weapons of the Syrian side is dangerous for all US allies in the region. Last week from Barack Obama, a message was received about the intention to inflict a military blow to Syria in connection with the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction. The USA claims that the regime of President Bashar Assad is guilty of the use of chemical weapons. A little later, Obama decided to change his position, emphasizing, he intends to achieve the sanction of Congress to carry out a military operation in Syria. The US President added, in the case of using some types of weapons, it is possible to provoke not only the death of people, but also to allow a situation where this weapon is in the hands of persons who are not related to specific states, which, in turn, is dangerous for US allies: Israel, Jordan, Turkey. Obama emphasized that Syria is obliged to bear responsibility for the deed, otherwise the lack of reaction from the United States will send a signal that international norms on the issue of nuclear non -proliferation do nothing mean. The Syrian conflict lasts for three years, all this time the US president has not showed ideas about military intervention and was skeptical of this method of influence. But Obama promised to start acting if the Syrian authorities resort to the use of chemical weapons. Observers noted that the president will have to restrain the word, because Iran who supports Syria will make sure that the United States’s inability to resort to military operations and continue to create nuclear weapons.