Nuances with the choice of the name of the LLC when registering

The selection of the name for the enterprise when registering the organizational and legal form of the LLC is one of the most important points of this procedure. Most entrepreneurs often recall the saying that states that how you call the boat, so it will float, so they try to choose the name with a deep meaning. But, I must say, far from all names are allowed to use.

You should know that if the name of the future enterprise is approved by the IFTS registration of an LLC, one might say that 50 percent was successfully passed. But for this, the name of a limited liability company, first of all, should be complete and necessarily in Russian. But at the same time, a limited liability company may have an abbreviated company name. And it can even be in English or another foreign language.

Many today express a desire to use the word “Russia” in the name of a limited liability company, as well as derivatives from it. So, this is allowed to do, but only with the condition that an entrepreneur who is registered as a legal entity with an organizational and legal form of an LLC will independently pay the state fee for the use of this word in the title. After that, a receipt on the payment of the fee for the use of the word “Russia” in the name of a limited liability company must be submitted to the registration authority together with all other documents. By the way, the size of the state duty is ten thousand rubles.

Of course, there are some restrictions in choosing a name for a limited liability company. And these restrictions can change every year. So, for example, at present, until the end of the Olympic Games – 2014 in Sochi, the registration of companies is prohibited, the name of which includes the word “Olympus”. And firms in the name of which already have this word will have to make changes.

When an entrepreneur is carried out by independent registration of an LLC in Moscow, he needs to be extremely careful when making a company name in the documents. The fact is that if in one document the name of the LLC is written in capital letters, and in the other – only the first letter will be title, then this will be considered as the discrepancy of the information, which entails a refusal.