Facilitating the visa regime between Russia and the EU

Oddly enough, but today it is enough for Russians to go to any country of the Schengen zone. To do this, it is simply enough to request a tourist visa to a short-term stay in any of the embassies of the participating countries. The visa is opened not for the term of the planned trip, as it was before, but for several years, and reusable. Of course, to everyone, but to most.

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Most importantly, this is not to have any criminal records in your country of residence, as well as never violate visa formalities when traveling to the Schengen countries. All this today is possible thanks to an orthic agreement of the Russian government with EU countries. As for Europeans, they, in order to visit Russia, are required to request a visa to stay a country, which is not so simple.

In addition to the fact that you need to pay about a hundred euros for a visa, you still need to take place in the country that can be the hotel or some other private party. In the event that the trip is organized by a travel company, then it is she who takes all formalities.

As for the Russians, there are no problems to go to Europe as such that it is extremely pleasant. Recall that earlier Schengen visas were opened only for a tour package and only for the period of the planned trip, which was extremely inconvenient. Most Russians use this opportunity and travel perfectly around Europe, especially since the air message is becoming more and cheaper.