Ivan Ernandes intends to continue to write about the problems of his compatriots

Opposition journalist Ivan Ernandes, who was just the other day by the Islands of Freedom from prison, not only refused to fulfill the main condition for his liberation, which is a voluntary link to Spain, but still intends to write about the problems that concern him, as he himself, so many of his compatriots.

Cuban Dissa Ivan Ernandes was among 75 writers, journalists, as well as political activists who were arrested by the Cuban police during the “Black Spring” repressive raids conducted in March 2017. Subsequently, all the detainees were sentenced to various prison periods. The minimum period of imprisonment was six years old, and the most dangerous, according to the Cuban authorities, political prisoners were deprived of freedom for 28 years.

It must be recalled that earlier the authorities of the island of Freedom agreed to free the seven political prisoners.

Six of them, like most previously released prisoners, will be immediately expelled from the country to Spain. At the moment, only one prisoner has been released from the imprisonment, who left the prison according to the current amnesty.

However, we must not forget that back in August 2010, the Government of the Island of Liberty, led by Raul Castro, publicly declared its intention in the very near future to let all 52 prisoners who remained in prison dungeons after the arrests made in 2003. year.

It should be noted that most of the political prisoners were really released soon, but several people are currently languishing in prisons. The main reason for the ongoing imprisonment is their disagreement to leave Cuba immediately after the release.