How can you lose weight without limiting yourself in products

There are currently many diets in the world that promise amazing results subject to certain requirements and restrictions. However, many women cannot abandon the usual diet, even for such a goal as getting rid of extra pounds. How delicious is and look great – this is the most relevant question for them that requires an answer.

A diet called “Minus 60”, developed by Ekaterina Mirimanova, comes to the rescue. It is intended just for women who cannot force themselves to starve. The fact is that the author of the diet itself classifies itself to those people who cannot limit themselves in their favorite food products. With all this, the diet she developed helped her to get rid of 60 kilograms of excess weight.

“System minus 60” involves compliance with certain rules. The first of them is a clear mood. Need to be solved, and then take and do. No need to wait for the right moment, a special occasion, take and start the diet of Ekaterina Marimanova “Minus 60”. Do not doubt the result. There are two options for the development of events – either start a diet, or abandon it. Everyone must love himself, believe in his strength, if you lose weight, then for your pleasure, and not by duress. This is the basis on which Marimanova builds his diet. In her opinion, only this is how the body loses weight calmly, without stress. Only those kilograms leave that the body is ready to abandon

The second rule – you need to completely change your diet. First you need to slowly reduce your portions, for this it is better to replace large plates with small. To do this, just one week is enough. In addition, at this stage in the menu, you need to add vegetables and fruits in the menu. They should be more than half of the total amount of food that you consume daily. It is important that they are not next to your plate, but in it.

The third rule “Systems minus 60” is the complete observance of the quality composition of food and the temporary framework proposed by Ekaterina MiManova. If you are interested, dial in the search line on the Internet “Diet Minus 60” and find out more about her schedule for the whole day.

Having tested it on yourself, you will get the long -desired result and at the same time you will not need to abandon your favorite products! For this, you should try.