In India, at least 35 people were killed due to what happened in a ferry of the accident

The Agency “Agency France-Presse” reports that in the east of the Indian Republic he sank a ferry, on board of which there were Muslim pilgrims. So on the first of November, according to preliminary these victims of this incident, thirty -five people became. At the same time, the government fears that the number of victims can significantly exceed these figures.

According to the information provided, the incident happened on October on the thirtieth of October, on Saturday, in a hundred and twenty kilometers south of Calcutta, the state of West Bengal. The pilgrims returned from the celebration of one of the Muslim religious holidays. During the crossing, the ferry rolled over on the rapids, after which he soon sank.

According to the investigation, most likely the cause of the accident was that there were more people on the ship than laid the rules of security. At this time, there is no information regarding the exact number of passengers, but it was reported a little earlier that there were about one hundred and fifty, while the ferry was designed only for sixty people.

In the process of search and rescue operation, the Indian government involved helicopters, Indian Navy ships, as well as fishing vessels. It was already received a message that sixty people were able to save from the water. Several dozen people are listed missing.

According to rescuers, the bodies of many drowned Muslims were carried away by the current. In addition, participants in the rescue operation feared that a considerable part of the dead can be under a sunken ferry.