The authorities of Cuba moved the beginning of the new academic year

Last Monday, the new academic year began on the island of Freedom. According to the estimates of the Cuban authorities, about 2.1 million students sat down for their desks, that is, every fifth resident of Cuba. Recall that more than 11.2 million people live on the island. Despite the fact that the new academic year in Cuba begins at the same time as in most other countries, September 1, this year the authorities decided to start studying on September 6. This was done so that the teachers who work in summer preparatory courses for entering the institutes could use their vacations in full. According to authorities, this school year will be held in the conditions of savings. The difficult economic situation in the country forces the most efficient use of all available resources. The teaching staff will have to show demand to students, be strict in assessing knowledge and conduct active political and ideological work. This style of conducting educational policy resembles the clining of students of students and schoolchildren. According to the Minister of Education of the country, Ena Elsa Velazquez, in 2010, almost 280,000 highly qualified teachers will work in the educational institutions of the island of Freedom. Cuban Minister of Higher Education Miguel Diaz Kanel said that today more than 530,000 students are studying at the universities of the country. One of the innovations of the current academic year will be a decrease in the number of city schoolboy OV, who are studying in rural schools. Recall that before this year, high school students from large cities were unpleasant for three years to unlearn in rural schools. It is interesting that their duties included not only training, but also agricultural work and socially useful work: washing windows, washing facades of houses, harvesting, work on plantations for the collection of tobacco and sugarcane and many other types of classes that seem ordinary to us. or on the contrary, even unusual. For example, furniture cleaning in state institutions is a completely normal phenomenon from students of schools and universities. The authorities said that in the province of Havana, in order to optimize expenses, the number of city schoolchildren studying in rural schools will be reduced from 22,800 to 4,700 people. Also, the reductions will be held in other provinces of the country.