In India, a gang of smuggles of elephants was arrested

The MSNBC information service reports that five people managed to detain the Indian police on November 1. All detainees are suspected of smuggling elephants. So it is reported that the documents seized with police officers indicate that over the past five years this gang illegally transported from the Assam located in the northeast to other areas of India at least ninety-two elephants.

So during the on October thirty -first (Sunday) operations, from suspects in smuggling, police seized three wild elephants. MSNBC clarifies that in India elephant trade is prohibited. Moreover, in this country it is quite difficult to obtain permission even to transport a home elephant between the states, due to a large number of bureaucratic difficulties.

However, despite the measures taken by the police today in India, smuggles of elephants are flourishing, because owning its own elephant is an indicator of high social status in society. Therefore, many wealthy Indians seek to acquire this animal. Given that on Indian roads the police are satisfied with regular inspections, its employees suspect that the arrested smugglers were in conspiracy with representatives of the authorities.