GOST development system

GOST has not yet been created a single development system, therefore, setting quality standards, are guided by the following factors: firstly, this is a modern theory, supported by practice, and secondly, scientific works are actively used, which are talking about standardization objects, and, of course,, of course the highest foreign and international standards. The program and methodology of testing state standards is based on deep scientific knowledge. Scientists, employees of labor protection services, specialists of various spheres of production are widely involved in this lesson. In Russia, the development of state standards, as a rule, is engaged in TC (technical committees) and do this in accordance with state standardization plans. Technical committees based on organizations most competent in the field of the object (having maximum scientific and technical potential) are based on.The development of state standards of product quality allows you to create a regulatory and technical base of domestic products that meet the highest level of world standards, reasonable requirements of the economy, the needs of export and defense, and, of course, the needs of the country’s population. Until 1996, standards were mandatory in areas that were complied by, as they were regulatory acts. For documents approved after 1996, the normativeness itself has ceased to prove the obligation of the document. Now only a document registered in the Ministry of Justice can be considered an obligatory act. Recently, access to the standards and their changes on the Rosstandart website was opened, but all the documents were graphic copies with “watermarks”, low resolution and protection against copying.