Snowden and Chapman will not be able to get married in the transit zone “Sheremetyevo”.

Edward Snowden and Anna Chapman will not be able to officially formalize their relationship while the groom is in the transit zone of the Sheremetyevo airport without existing documents. The representative of the consular point of the airport said that they are not engaged in registration of marriages.

Not so long ago, Anna Chapman, who was one of the defendants in the scandal with espionage in 2010 in the United States, proposed marriage Edward Snowden. Thirty -year -old Chapman wrote on her Twitter: “Snowden, you will marry me?””. At the same time, many media have already written that Snowden allegedly agree what he was announced in his microblog. However, there is no evidence that the account at which consent is published is actually belongs to Snowden personally. In the capital of Russia, only one registry office has the right to register the marriages of Russians and American citizens, and this is the Palace of Marriage No. 4 on Butyrskaya Street. The employee of the institution referred to confidentiality and refused to give information about whether Snowden and Chalman were submitted. At the same time, the employee of the registry office said that those who are scolding are required to provide a lot of documents for registration of marriage, including a valid passport. At the same time, registration takes place exclusively in the registry office building, no one “on call” leaves. Recall that Snowden, who published the secrets of the American special services, has been in the transit zone of the Russian Airport Sheremetyevo for the second week, since the US authorities canceled all his documents. That is why a man cannot leave the transit zone and cross any border.