Schoolchildren will pay for lunch with bank cards

The Ukrainian educational system begins to resemble a European. In the new academic year, a new service has launched in domestic schools, which will keep records of visits and payments for lunch. In highly developed countries, such procedures have long been carried out using plastic cards. Thus, Kirovograd schoolchildren will be able to perform their first banking operations. The introduction of a new system will enable parents in remote mode to control their children.

Junior will provide Privatbank bank cards, representatives of the financial institution offer all educational institutions to use the service provided. This month, school No. 18 and the Center for Children’s Creativity “Nadezhda” joined the implementation of the project. This system makes life easier for parents and their children. Thanks to SMS-improvisations, mom and dads will be able to receive the latest news regarding the study of their heirs. The junior card will record the exact time of coming to school and leaving it. Children, in turn, will not be able to transforate money due to increased responsibility.

Previously, quite often there were cases when the guys lost wallets in which pocket money lay. Now they will not regret the loss, because in the absence of a card it can be quickly restored. Parents have the opportunity to stop sky -high expenses, for this you just need to set a limit. After the work of the financial operation, their phone will receive an SMS manner of purchase. You can calculate the money on the card from your own card of Privatbank or use the automatic accrual service.

With the help of such a system, children will be able to control their budget. At their small age, they will begin to understand what is saving and how to properly manage money.