Every fifth resident of Ukraine is looking for additional work

Each fifth working resident of the country is looking for additional work in Ukraine. According to the recruiting portal “Superjob. UA “, 20% of citizens had not had additional earnings before, but intend to get a second job.

The argument is, for example, that it is necessary to “put the kids on the feet”. In most cases, representatives of the weak half of humanity are conceived about the beginning of the searches of another work (24%of them, and only 14%among men).

69% of respondents already have a part -time experience. In addition, 31% of respondents with such experience, and today, besides the main one, has additional work (or even not one). References say that they need to gain experience, and besides, funds are needed. They do not refuse all kinds of earnings.

There are professions where part -time job becomes the main area of ​​activity, gradually displacing the main place of work. Most of all such defectors among people of creative professions. Professional wedding photographer Kyiv, Maxim Lakhno, told us that this particular type of earnings is most acceptable for his type of activity.

Analysts clarify that among those who have part -time jobs, the main part is men (37%, while women are only 26%). In addition, the number of residents of the Ukrainian state, workers still somewhere except the main place of work, is multiplied with an increase in their age (among respondents 26% are citizens under 24 years old, and the age of 36% of respondents is 45 years old or more).

38% of people participating in the survey had additional work in the past, but today this practice was abandoned. 11% of respondents have never worked additionally and do not plan to practice this.