Scotland’s First Minister resigns

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced her resignation on Wednesday after eight years in office, shocking the political elite of Britain and the Scots with her decision.

Sturgeon said she has instructed the Scottish National Party (SNP) to begin the process of electing a new leader and will remain in office until her successor is chosen.

Recently, the SNP leader has experienced a number of political setbacks, including the rejection by the UK Supreme Court of her plans to hold a new independence referendum, the Guardian reports.

The decision came as a surprise to many due to the fact that Sturgeon has repeatedly told reporters that she has no plans to resign and intends to lead the Scottish government and the SNP in the general elections in 2025. In addition, a number of opinion polls have shown that the population of Scotland still supports Sturgeon personally and the SNP. It remains unclear who will succeed Sturgeon and whether she will announce the appointment of an interim leader.