Ease of use of torrent clients.

Every day the popularity of torrent clients is growing every day. And with it the number of users who are ready to share the files with other users. Why is this done? In order to be able to download what he needs, distributing the user. Indeed, on the websites of the torrent, it is impossible only to download – you need to distribute, share, so to speak. This is the main rule that needs to be followed in order to be able to download and view what else may not be on the Internet.

Suppose some kind of film was shot, and it will be released only after a few months. But if at least one torrent user has a file with a film, he can “pour it” to the site in the form of a tracker, download his file, and send it to the distribution. It is in this way that for a short time the file is distributed to different corners of the world to thousands of users who would like to watch this film without waiting for its release. This is what torrent is convenient.

The peculiarity of the work of the torrent is that the file is not downloaded entirely, but according to segments – in small fragments, which, when downloading at least one of them, become accessible for pumping other users. Therefore, without even having a full file, you automatically distribute it in parts, earning a rating on the Torrent website.

The higher you have a rating, the more capabilities you have. The more files you can download and distribute at the same time.

You can download the torrent from the official site or on the sites – distributors. It’s not very difficult to install a program on a computer. Moreover, the program is very simple to operate even for a beginner.

To date, the use of several torrent clients is available, but µTorrent and bittorrent are the most popular among users. What to choose for yourself is to decide.