Ukraine wants to continue negotiations in the format of Ukraine-Sesha-Russia

Ukraine expresses its willingness to continue four-sided negotiations in the format of EU-Ssha-RF-Ukraine. But while the country wants to ensure that all other sides fulfill its obligations.

Ukraine intends to continue the negotiations of the Ukrainian-Es-Ssha-Russia plan. This information was reported by Evgeny Okvybinis, head of the Department of Information Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. He noted: the country is ready for negotiations and the dialogue can be continued if these actions are discussed in it on the de -escalation of the current position. At the moment, Ukraine is trying not to disclose news about the current situation, it is only noted that the process of fulfilling the Geneva agreement is “a little one -sided”. There are many other news from Ukraine, not only political, but economic and social. Ukraine does everything according to the document, and Russia did not take a single step towards. The country’s position will now consist in the fact that at first all participants in the contract must fulfill their obligations. The country itself clearly shows the implementation of all agreements, for example, begins to organize round tables of national dialogue. Note that on April 17, a 4-sided meeting was already held between the chapters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the EU, the USA and the Russian Federation. The meeting discussed the resolution of the Ukrainian problem. It was stipulated that the separatists are obliged to free the administrative buildings captured in the east. Everyone voluntarily surrendered to the amnesty. But the Russian Federation does not fulfill its promises, continuing to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. By the way, the situation there is more and more. Recently, under the Kramatorsky snipers, they finished off the wounded Ukrainian military. It is known that 6 people were killed.