Beer without beer

Bavaria and beer – Synonyms. This is a figurative comparison, however, everyone who at least once visited Munich knows firsthand that beer here is related to deep reverence, and this is the tradition that has been observed here since the 16th century. It was in 1516 that the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV issued a “law on cleanliness”, in which it was regulated: beer should be cooked exclusively from three ingredients – malt, hops and water.

For almost five centuries passed, and no one dared to break the law. At the same time, there are so many beer in Munich that for their transfer it is necessary to create a separate book. Perhaps you have already visited the “court brewery”, on the central square of the city of Plazl, and talked the local beer with famous fried sausages with acidic cabbage sauerkraut. Or tried the beloved Bavarians themselves SPATEN Light beer in Lowenbrau. Or strong Salvator in the restaurant Paulaner am Novberberg.

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But we suggest you go through a different route and find out about such a beer where beer is not served today. It sounds at least absurd, but the story of this institution is more than interesting. In 1923, in the Munich beer “Burggerbrokeller”, a “beer pile” occurred when Adolf Hitler proclaimed the beginning of the national revolution. During the Second World War, the beer building was strongly destroyed and used as a warehouse. And in 1979, Burggerbrokeller was completely erased from the face of the earth. Today, on the site of the legendary beer, the hotel and the Gastayg cultural complex stand up and the cultural complex stands.