Road reconstruction plans

It is planned to reconstruct one of the tracks, which is quite loaded. This is the track – enthusiasts. According to the project, a doubles road will be built, and the highway itself is expanded. This information was provided by Nikolai Lomakin, who is a prefect of one of the metropolitan districts.

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According to the press service of the Prefecture of the Wao, now on the road (a section starting from the street of the second Vladimir and ending with Budyonny Avenue), the engineering communications are laid in the process of building a sector at the fourth transport ring. The completion of these works is planned next year (tentatively in the first months).

In the process of reconstruction work on the enthusiasts highway, there are plans to build a duplicate road that will be one -sided and will consist of two lanes. This road will have to pass from the street Plekhanov and ending with Novogireevskaya Street (even side). A similar road will be laid from the passage of Bolshoi Kupavensky to the Moscow Ring Road (odd side). There are also plans for the construction of another duplicate road from the Third Vladimirskaya Street for those turning to the main alley to the right.

Enthusiasts highway is planned to be expanded by ten meters in the area of ​​Izmailovsky Park. In addition, a circular denouement will be built in the area of ​​the intersection of this highway with the passage of Big Kupavensky and Avenue Free. In the course of reconstruction work, the arrangement of aboveground and underground pedestrian crossings will be carried out.

The prefect also said that a line will be laid for the movement of high -speed tram in the area of ​​the Enthusiasts highway.