The first multimody airport

In the Tula region, in the city of Efremov, they are going to build the first multimody airport, which will cost $ 10 -12 billion.

According to Vladimir Gruzdev, this airport will become a backup airport for the Moscow airborne, and will also be the center of transport airline.

At the moment, work is already underway to create this project in which federal and local authorities participate.

Vladimir Gruzdev also explained that the city of Efremov has a very convenient geographical location, due to which it is a potential point for creating a cross -polar transportation, in which, unfortunately, Russia is not yet involved. Cross – Polar transportation is an air travel through the North Pole, such a flight makes it possible to significantly reduce the flight time, which means it will reduce transportation embezzlement.

Today in Russia there are reserve airports that are in St. Petersburg and in Nizhny Novgorod. And to get from there to Moscow, it will take at least five – six hours of journey. And the city of Efremov is located precisely near the M4 highway, which is a convenient cut of a long journey. It is believed that already in June it will act as a paid route on which a speed of 130 km/ h is allowed.

The city of Efremov can become the center of transport airline. Since you can use a convenient route along the federal highway M 4, while directing goods bypassing Moscow to the south and north of the country. Meanwhile, 8 contests for the design of a photographic medium for selected sections of the city were announced in Moscow, these are also Rublevsky, Kashirsky, Warsaw, Garden Ring, etc. D.

The initial cost, which reach 821 million rubles. The purpose of these works is to develop projects that would provide the city with comfortable and beautiful evening streets.