Where to watch the news of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

New events are happening in the world every second. Each region of Ukraine has its own news. To get the latest information, you need to subscribe to regional publications; for the Kharkiv region, this is the “Sloboda Territory”.

Every week it is visited by tens of thousands of Kharkiv residents.


Sloboda Krai, sometimes Slobidskyi krai, is a regional publication with a long history. It appeared in 1917, but then it had a different name. Actually, it became the UK in 1991. The site appeared even later, in 2012, before that it was a printed newspaper. However, the paper version is still available.

Today, media is a whole group of products. These are paper and electronic newspapers, this is a site with a variety of news. And there are also representatives of the UK in social networks.

Since 2018, the media has moved into the category of independent media. Members of the editorial board became co-founders. This made it possible to get rid of third-party influence and publish truly objective honest news.

Today “Slobodskoy Krai” is the main media of the Kharkiv region.


SK is a newspaper with history. She cares about her reputation and gained independence a long time ago. You can be sure: all the news is real, without propaganda and attempts at political influence. The information comes from reliable sources: Sloboda Krai has its own team of journalists who actively cooperate with local administrations and self-government bodies. But the most interesting comes from the readers.

The news is diverse and not limited to the regional center. You probably happened to look for “Krasnograd news” or “Izum news“. The UK believes that any settlements are important, even the smallest and most remote ones. Interesting and relevant will find not only the residents of the center.

In addition to news, the publication publishes useful tips: it helps to get rid of ants, look for interesting recipes, and grow vegetables. Today, such life hacks will be useful to everyone.

Multiplatform “Slobodsky Krai” is also a plus. You receive news in a convenient format, on a familiar platform. Are you a member of the older generation? The printed newspaper will certainly interest you. Are you about thirty years old? Electronic newspaper and website are waiting for you. Are you young and constantly sitting in social networks? Take a look at the SC page and stay up to date with what is happening. Very comfortably.

Sloboda Krai is not just a newspaper. Not just an ever-evolving media publishing system. This is a huge community of interested people who want to make Kharkiv region better. One belonging to such a community is a reason for pride.