Petition of the American billionaire Tim Draper on the division of California into three states

A referendum on the division of American California into three new states will be held in November this year in parallel with the midterm elections in the United States.

This was stated to Fox News by the initiator of this plebiscite, billionaire Tim Draper.

The petition, drawn up by Draper, gained 600 thousand signatures in its support. This is enough, and even more than enough, to put his proposal to the people’s vote. So, the required number of signatures to submit a question to a referendum in California is 366 thousand.

It should be noted that before his success this year, Tim Draper had already unsuccessfully tried twice to initiate the partition of California. He made such a proposal in 2014 and 2016, but then it did not gain the support of the broad masses.

California is proposed to be divided into its central, southern and northern parts. As potential new states, they will receive the names of New, Southern and Northern California, respectively.

Draper motivates the need for such a section by the fact that the legislative and executive authorities of the state in Sacramento cannot promptly respond to problems in some of its districts. If California can be divided into three smaller states, this problem of poor governance will be solved.