Ukrainian villagers will ask about their attitude to the abolition of a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land

Soon, Ukraine will conduct a hundredth of rural areas on how they relate to the abolition of the moratorium on the implementation of agricultural land. Their answers, as officials promise, will be noted.

The government of the country is planned by a number of hundreds ofires, during which it is supposed to understand: how are residents of villages to the implementation of agricultural land. Nikolai Kalyuzhny, deputy. The head of the State Committee of Ukraine by Land Revations, believes: people must answer whether they need this market of the Earth. And in April they will conduct another hundred -capacity in various regions of the country, so that the authorities know what these people need.

According to Nikolai Kalyuzhny, during the time that remains before the abolition of the moratorium, the government needs to tell as many lord owners as possible about those risks and pluses that can bring the sale of land plots. The specialist believes that everyone needs to inform how much the Earth costs, how much it can be sold for it. But people should warn: if you sell everything, then you will no longer have land plots, and no one will pay you rent. The purpose of the government, says Nikolai Kalyuzhny, is not the implementation of lands, but what needs to be told to people, how and how the land market will exist.

By the way, the country’s leadership decided to cancel the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land. Very soon, the draft law “On the Earth market” will be transferred to the government for consideration by the government. It is the legislative act, the approval of which is considered an indispensable condition for the moratorium on the implementation of agricultural land can be canceled.