The size of wages directly affects mental abilities

American scientists have found that wages directly affects not only the quality of life, but also mental abilities. They argue that a person who earns little, degrades faster and thinks worse compared to a person who receives a high salary.

To establish this, the researchers conducted a study in which 400 subjects were involved. Scientists divided them into two groups based on the level of income, after which they had to find a way out of the proposed situation. So, it was necessary to find a solution with a sudden breakdown of a car with an expensive repair, etc.D. In addition, all volunteers participating in the study took place intellectual tests.

Scientists have found that the mental abilities of those participants, whose material capabilities are lower by 13 points compared to wealthy subjects. It is interesting that the indicators worsened when the volunteers began to seriously think about their financial well -being. Moreover, the intellectual level increased sharply again, as soon as the problem of money was eliminated.

Harvard economist Senhil Mullainatan said that thanks to the study, it became unequivocally clear that when a person lacks money, his mental abilities are decreased by an order of magnitude. This is easy to explain: constantly thinking where to get money, it is impossible to pay attention to other issues.

Scientists also conducted a second series of experiments in which Indian farmers were involved. Their income level directly depends on the sale of sugarcane per year. After the study, scientists found that the IQ level was higher ten points after the conclusion of the transaction than before it.