Regional news

By the end of 2010, in 17 administrative municipal regions of the Omsk region, the regional government planned the construction of 217 landscaped low -rise houses. Housing is intended for residents of 169 emergency residential buildings, whose inhabitants need speedy resettlement. To date, more than half of the planned number have already been commissioned – 110 houses. The rest of the housing can be commissioned until the end of this fall.

In the meantime, specialists of the Ministry of Construction of the Omsk Region are engaged in the work on the legal execution of documents for low -rise housing, which is built in the Bolsherchensky, Poltava, Lyubinsky, Tarsky and Cherlak regions. In Isilkul, Pavlograd, Russian-Polyansky and Azov districts of the region, the construction of houses has already been almost completed-it remains only to carry out engineering infrastructure. Only a small part (eight houses in which up to 70 families of immigrants will be resettled) of built housing apartment buildings, most of them are designed for two owners, and 52 houses have three, four apartments. All apartments are equipped with modern amenities familiar to urban residents, and modern energy -saving technologies and materials used in the construction of housing will reduce the costs of housing and communal services and heating. Each family will be provided with an individual personal plot for housekeeping and erecting household buildings. 681 million rubles were allocated to the program of residents of the region from emergency housing from the budget of the regional government and from the funds of the Fund for Assistance to Reform Housing. Also, the governor of the Omsk region introduced a simplified procedure for registering property rights to residential buildings.