The Pakistan government assures the preservation of its nuclear technology

The Government of Pakistan said that the fears of the United States and the UK regarding the fact that the Islamabad nuclear program could be captured by terrorists, are groundless. This was reported on the first of December on the AGence France-Presse news agency.

According to Abdula Basit, a press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, the fears of British and American diplomats are absolutely in vain. The diplomat also noted that today Pakistan carefully protects and controls his nuclear technologies and in the country has not yet taken place, which testified to the opposite.

Basis also added that the fears of American and British governments are based on prejudices in relation to the Pakistanis. In his opinion, it is time to part with such prejudices with such prejudices.

The anxiety of British and American diplomats regarding the preservation of Pakistani nuclear technologies became known on November thirtieth after the next portion of the materials of the American State Department has been published by the WikiLeaks website who deserved a scandalous reputation. The publication of two hundred and fifty thousand confidential and secret diplomatic documents has become the largest “drain” of information in the entire history of the organization.

From the documents it also followed that today the Government of the United States of America doubts the firmness of the positions of the head of Pakistan – Asif Zardari and admit that in the near future the Pakistani Civil Government will be overthrown by the military of this country.