A festive concert dedicated to Yuri Gagarin took place in Havana

A festive concert, consisting of the favorite songs of the first cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, cuba noted a half -century anniversary of the first space flight. During the holiday week, the first Cuban cosmonaut Arnaldo Tamayo held a series of meetings with the youth of the island of Freedom. The festive concert was organized by the Russian Coordination Council in Cuba with the support of the Rossotrudnichestvo agency and the embassy of the Russian Federation. In the program of this solemn event, songs related to the name of Yuri Gagarin, as well as songs beloved by the first cosmonaut, were raised in the program of this solemn event. Performed by Russian and Cuban singers sounded “huge sky”, “hope”, “lily of the valley” and many other musical works. I would especially like to note that it was at this concert that the song “Friendship” was first performed, dedicated to the joint space flight of the Soviet-Cuban crew Yuri Romanenko and Arnaldo Tamayo.

During his many meetings with youth, Arnaldo Tamayo recalled his joint work in orbit with Yuri Romanenko. Literally last year, Cuba and Russia celebrated the thirtieth, anniversary anniversary from the date of this flight.

The chairman of the Rossotrudnichestvo agency in Cuba Vladimir Yaroshevsky took part in meetings with students of the Gavan school of foreign languages ​​named after Lincoln and with students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Gavan University, during which he told the audience about the history of the first space manned flight.

Representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Cuban cosmonaut held another meeting with youth at a school located forty kilometers from Havana in the village of Kaimito. This is one of the three Cuban schools, which bears the name of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.