According to Hillary Clinton, the Castro brothers themselves against the abolition of the embargo

The head of the State United States Department of America Hillary Clinton last Friday stated that Cuban leaders of Castro consciously undermine all attempts from the United States to normalize Cubean-American relations. The main reason for this is the fear that even the slightest relief of the embargo will be able to weaken their power. According to Clinton, the reaction of the island state to the steps of the administration of the American president towards the development of bilateral cooperation once again proves that a sustainable and very deep -rooted regime in Cuba does not show absolutely no interest in any political reform and does not even seek to get out Finally, from fifty years of isolation.

The head of American diplomacy believes that the main concerns of the Castro brothers are connected with the fact that the end of the embargo and normalization of relations with the United States would turn into an empty phrase all the excuses for what did not happen in Cuba over the past half century. America, in turn, has already taken a few steps towards. So, for example, restrictions on trips to the island for American citizens of Cuban origin, as well as transfer of money to relatives were significantly weakened. In addition, the American government initiated negotiations on postal traffic and migration. But, at the same time, Barack Obama made it clear that the United States of America did not intend to cancel the economic embargo until the Cuban capital releases political prisoners and would generally improve the situation with human rights on the island. To date, according to Clinton, no movements from the Cuban side are observed in this direction.