The Gallery of Progress was treated with pizza and short films in Italian

On the day, code, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was on a visit to Rome, in Kirov the year of Italy in Russia and Russia in Italy started. Thus, our city has joined the international action. The event “Viva Italia” dedicated to the culture and history of this country, on June 2, organized the Center for Modern Art “Gallery of Progress” and the regional state institution “Center for International Cooperation”. The program included contests and quiz for knowledge of culture, art, history, language, dances, attractions and great people of Italy. Experts, thanks to their deep knowledge, earned tokens and were awarded pizza. Those who are not so well aware of the Italian “questions”, or did not prepare for the event, replenished gaps in knowledge by watching short films in Italian, learning songs from the repertoire of the “Rich and Poor” group popular in the 80s of the last century of the last century. And the programs of the video of greetings to Italy from distant Vyatka friends. There was also a show of mod (though not from the Milan couturiers) and jewelry, as well as the creation of a collective postcard (who painted, who wrote something) on ​​a large Watman in memory of the “Italian day”. For Dessert, of course, there were dances for the Italian hits of the 80-90s, so who did not earn pizza, he was pleasing. In a word, the “dialogue of cultures”, which the organizers “Viva Italia” strove for, went sincerely, substantially, culturally, fun, tasty and with benefit. As the director of the Gallery of Progress Natalya Pyshko said, the plans are to make Italy days regular. The first experience showed that the Kirovites liked everything. The more such events will be, the more substantial and interesting our leisure.