In France, strikes began

On Monday, September 6 in France, a national strike of French teachers took place. According to the information provided by the France24 agency, this event should “open” a series of numerous protests that last throughout the week.

So, yesterday, teachers of many French universities and high schools refused to go to work, thereby demanding the best working conditions and showing a protest against constant abbreviations. It is worth noting that the organizers of this strike are the two largest teacher’s trade unions of France.

So the AFP news agency reports that according to the data provided by these trade unions, about one third of all French teachers participated in this strike. At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of Education of France claim that only about 5-7% of specialists of the educational sphere did not appear at work.

According to France24, this strike will not be delayed for more than one day, and AFP notes that the teaching action of the protest precedes a larger nationwide strike. So, according to expectations, in addition to employees of kindergartens, schools and universities, many transport sector workers, as well as providers of communications and communications services, will also take part in it.

The organizers of the future action hope that millions of people working in a wide variety of areas will take part in the next strike.

In conclusion, we note that one of the main reasons for universal discontent was the plan of the French government to increase by 2018 the pension age of fellow citizens from 60 to 62 years.