Doctors discharged almost all of the saved miners from the hospital

The Agency “Agency France-Presse” reports that thirty of thirty-three miners released from the ground after the accident at the San Jose mine were written out in Chile from the hospital, located in the city of Copyapo.

So it is reported that the state of the rescued miners does not cause any fears. According to some reports, on September seventeenth, a holiday that will be held near the mine is planned – in the “Camp of Hope, called by the people, where close miners for more than two months expected their rise to the surface.

So the agency notes that the saved miners became national Chilean heroes, and the world media constant turn to them with a request to give them an interview. According to the relatives of the rescued, all the money that the miners will receive for communication with the press, they agreed to share equally. Presumably they will ask for twenty million pesos, which is approximately forty thousand dollars for one interview with reporters.

Recall that the collapse occurred at the San Jose Mine on August February. Then thirty -three miners were walled up at a depth of six hundred twenty -five meters. The fact that everything was in order became known only on the seventeenth of August.

For the entire time of preparation of the rescue operation, the rescuers transmitted by the drill to the miners blocked underground, the rescuers transmitted water, food and some of the first necessities. The operation to save the miners ended on October on the thirteenth, when all the miners were raised to the surface in a specially designed rescue capsule.