The European Union was seriously afraid of the prospects of the invented decay and gave Greece 12,000,000,000 euros. And give it dangerous and not to give too dumb. But in the second case, it can be said: “So we gave!”:)

It turns out not so much an attempt to save Greece as to protect the European Union from the threat of information and economic pressure. For Greece itself decides little in such a large organization, but its problems lie down with a dark spot on the entire community, and this already costs 12 billion euros. Moreover, the aggravation of debt gives good levers.

Why the Greeks became so poor? The reasons are voiced by different. And the incorrect policy of social programs, which simply squandered a cloud of money, and the desire to give cheap or interest -free loans, and a constant desire to take loans, but at the same time use it with zero efficiency.

In general, competent banking activities, a thought -out deposit and other economic issues can bring a significant profit. The main thing is to work with reliable financiers. But Greece did not seek the proper use of money. As a result, the debt became monstrous.

There are calls no longer take and go through countries that refused to receive help. However, while the Greece government is blind, lame and oblique. And in this case, that the loan, that the rejection of other people’s money is one result. Therefore, the Greeks should decide before getting stronger in external debts.

Saving, of course, is good. We are also trying to implement such schemes in Ukraine. And I am also interested in how it ends, for I see the correctness of measures, but hands are doing too crooked. Greece and Ukraine are somewhat similar.

As I already wrote in one of the past posts, Greece is recovering. However, while a single period is not a pattern, it is too early to rejoice.