Do we have a choice?

Everyone sees what the city has turned into with the beginning of the red season. The authorities are indignant, the population is outraged, the inspection bodies are indignant. The other day even closed the beach. But after the report on the closure of the beach on the TC Russia1, the number of vacationers increased many times. Calm back in early summer, Ugrashskaya street resembles Volgograd during peak hours. The amount of garbage along the coast exceeded the number of seekers of salvation near the water. By the way, there are no rescuers on illegal beaches. There are drowned over the season, including a two -year -old child, there are divers who turned their neck.

The other day I decided to run in the morning along the Lgokovsky career at 4 in the morning. Drunk drivers raise quartz dust, scurry in search of adventure on the way along the quarries. From open cars, music yells, people meet the dawn with a three -story obscenity. The stink stands like in the station toilet. Broken watermelons and waste from shrimp beer complement the landscape. Fly, seagulls and homeless dogs here is expanded. Everyone understands that it is necessary to reduce the influx of vacationers. But how? The city is blocked? Make the roads paid? Tear three skins for entering the beach? Or generally fall asleep with garbage. No career – no problem. So far, only such proposals ripen in someone’s heads stunned from the heat and, unfortunately, are realized. The city is destroyed, and we continue to think: nothing depends on us. Recently, Patriarch Kirill cited very popularly explained what “my hut is scheduled”. Saint Philip, being Metropolitan of Moscow, did not bless Ivan the Terrible to the kingdom. “If something similar happened today, then, probably, many would say, addressing Metropolitan Philip:“ What do you need more?”(There are such terrible words). “Why do you need it? Live calmly “.