Fidel Castro visited the National Center for Scientific Research

The legendary commandant, 83-year-old Fidel Castro, who is rightfully considered one of the main leaders of the Cuban Revolution, in the middle of last week visited the National Center for Scientific Research of the Island of Freedom. The visit is dedicated to a very significant date – it is these days that the center celebrates the round date – 45 days from the date of the opening. Information about this appeared last weekend on one of the leading Cuban Internet sites. It should be noted that this is the appearance of Fidel Castro in public special. Indeed, since 2006, after the legendary commandant suffered a severe surgical operation, he disappeared from the sight of the general public for as many as four years. Although, this statement is not entirely true. Indeed, despite the fact that Castro has ceased to be published, he actively performed for all these years and continues to perform from the pages of local print media, offering readers one of the next articles of his notorious cycle “Reflections”. Also, politicians and public figures visiting the island state come to him quite often.

During a visit to the center of the Cuban leader, his head Carlos Gutierres, as well as three more employees who occupy the leading posts, greeted him. The news that Fidel Castro itself is located in the building, instantly circled all the employees of the center. People immediately gathered around the Cuban leader to express his respect and gratitude to him. In response to such a warm welcome, Fidel addressed thanks to all the gathered. Judging by the photographs that were taken during the meeting, Fidel Castro, dressed in a tracksuit, feels excellent. He talks cheerfully and lively with the leadership of the Center and its employees and even takes walks around the territory adjacent to the building of the center.