The dollar is getting more expensive

Literally in the last few days, the dollar crossed the estimated border of thirty -two rubles and reached the cost of thirty -three rubles. Experts are of the opinion that this is the maximum permissible limit, then which is not worth letting the ruble. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is obliged to solve the problem.

According to MMVB-TRTs, today the dollar is estimated at 33.0048 rubles, which is an analogue of the maximum value of the American currency in the year 2009, when the rate was 33.1950 rubles. That is, for the Russian ruble, there was also a turning point when it can either continue to weaken, or all possible measures will be applied to strengthen it.

Analysts expect the appropriate “rescue” actions by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. At the beginning of the week, the regulator sold dollars only one hundred million rubles, then the amount was slightly increased and reached five hundred million rubles, which is also very little to stabilize the domestic currency. The Bank of Russia is already taking part in the auction and naturally believe that it will increase the amount of currency sold (in this case, in this case, in order to support the ruble, to prevent its further reduced cost. This must be done before the end of the current week.

In addition, optimistic information from the American markets is supposed according to the results of the last spring month, which will also provide certain support.

The opinions of many experts coincide that the Russian ruble will be able to return to an economically convenient position with the cost of the dollar from 30.7 to 31.5 rubles. But this will probably become possible after a decrease in the speculative effect reigning on the market. They also argue that even if we assume an extremely unfavorable situation, in the current position, you should definitely not fear the increase in the cost of the dollar to the mark of 34 rubles until mid -June. But to hope for lowering the price to less than 32 rubles is also useless.

For those citizens who have savings in the American currency, experts also do not recommend taking hasty steps (this refers to the sale or transfer to another currency in the hope of its rise in price), because in many ways the weak position of the ruble is explained by speculative actions.

In addition to the above, the situation in the financial market on a global scale, the cost of oil and the results of the upcoming elections in Greece will influence the Russian currency.