Long -building for Malygina

The General Director of CJSC Financial Corporation, which is considered an investor-builder of long-term objects on Malygina Street, has officially stated that his company cannot fulfill its obligations to citizens on the completion of the construction of a residential facility and the provision of apartments. All work with a power tool has been stopped, since there is no money to pay for energy bills.

Now the situation is so that the company has no cash, even any assets that could be attracted in the form of financial resources for construction, the statement is indicated. It specifies that the “financial corporation” has entered the stage of bankruptcy.

Conducted check

Moskomstroyinvest was made a check, as a result of which it was established that not all funds that were collected from citizens went only to the construction of a residential building. In this situation, the department sent a special report to the prosecutor’s office of the capital, which reports on the results of the audit, as well as an appeal to the account of an additional joint verification for the purpose of the funds of fellow citizens, the statement said in the statement.

In the event of actual bankruptcy of the developer, the court will consider documents for each construction investor, then only will make its decision on the inclusion of the company in the register. Persons who are included in this register will be able to be able to create a housing cooperative in order to have the rights of a developer who can complete the construction. Everyone who gets into the register can only count on a refund, specified by the published press release.