Should we be rich more taxes?

Is it necessary to make the rich pay large taxes than people with less income? Yes, says Mikhail Mishustin, who holds the post of head of the tax service.

He believes that there is no doubt that people who have great prosperity should pay more, because apartments, houses, cars, and some have aircraft – a completely different level. It is necessary that all this is taxed, which may be the name “luxury tax”.

Whether this is evidence that, finally, in our country, in addition to luxury tax, also a progressive scale for individuals of individuals will be introduced? Mr. Mishustin gives a negative answer to this question. For some reason, he calls the progressive scale “humpback”.

He said that at the moment the entry of such a scale will be inappropriate. Mishustin says that he doubts the readiness of society for her. If at the moment, income declarations are presented only by those from whose income they could not hold personal income tax, then after the introduction of such a scale, this will be required to do much more people.

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